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We can send your order to any country of the world and ready to do it free of charge for your order from 69$

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Own production of herbal teas and a wide range of herbs, roots and berries.

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Payment via Paypal guarantees a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the order or its loss on delivery.

Why you should drink herbal tea?

Before the arrival of tea leaves from China in Europe, herbal infusions were actively used by the population for both treatment and pleasure. Nowadays when the healthy lifestyle ia a trend, herbal tea is once again becoming very popular.

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Ecotisane Blog

Folk remedies for alcoholism and hangovers

As you know, the love of drinking is a fairly common phenomenon. Alcohol in a small amount significantly increases self-confidence and mood, makes a person more sociable and relaxed. Drinking a glass ..

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Schizandra - nature's energy source

Schizandra's introductionCareful and rational attitude to health is a priority aspect of a high quality of life. Despite the constant growth of social well-being and the success of medicine, modernity..

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