Normalizes the menstrual cycle, relieves painful symptoms of PMS, reduces the profusion of menstruation

Female Balance Hormonal Tea

Form: herbal tea
Origin: South Serbia
Year: 2022
Product Price
€3.98 / 100.00gr

Useful features

Normalizes the menstrual cycle, relieves painful symptoms of PMS, reduces the profusion of menstruation.
Natural herbal tea from the ecologically clean mountainous region of southern Serbia - the Stara Planina National Park. All the herbs for our teas are naturally grown, hand-picked, dried outdoors without heat, and ground by hand. This is a top quality product with a bright taste, strong aroma and strong beneficial properties. I hope you appreciate it and become our regular customer.

Ingredients of tea

Sheppard's bag herb, loosestrife herb, melissa leaves, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, knotgrass herb, betonica herb.

How to use

Pour 5 tablespoons of tea into a clay teapot or thermos, pour 1 liters of hot, but not boiling water (85-90C) and infuse for at least 60 minutes. In a thermos, you can leave tea for the night, this will only make it better. When used for medicinal purposes, drink in a day instead of water. The duration of the course is up to 1.5 months (this is 3-4 packs of tea). After that, you need to take a break for 1 month and, if necessary, repeat the course of treatment.

Weight of 1 pack - 100 gr/3.5 Oz

Disclaimer: this herb tea is not a medicine, when using it, you should not stop the treatment prescribed by your doctor! The result of the using this product is strictly individual.

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