Information about founders and products of Ecotisane online herb store

About Us

About Ecotisane company

Hello, Dear guest of our store!

If You find us, then You are interested in natural herbal teas and rare herbs, and we have something to offer you.

Our company was founded by two old buddies. growing up in South-West of Siberia. We have spent a lot of time in our lives traveling around our native region, during which we learned from the indigenous people of the region a lot of secrets about forest herbs, how to harvest and use them.

Having met in autumn 2016 in St. Petersburg after summer trip to Altai, we decided to create a company that will produce tasty and healing tisanes from herbs growing in ecologically clean regions of Siberia. We have created our own small production and opened an online store for Russian customers. Then we decided to sell our herbs and tisanes outside the country, and we tried to sell it on Etsy store gave us the understanding that our product is interesting to people all over the world - from Europe to Australia and America. The next step was to create this online store -

Over the years, we have a lot of foreign buyers and partners, some of whom even became our friends. In order to increase the number of such people, we have created this website. We will be glad to see You among our friends and regular customers.

Now our shop works from Pirot, is small town in South Serbia. And we glad to offer you herbs from clearest mountains of Balkan.

Who can be interested in our products:

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle, abandoning traditional tea and coffee, products containing flavorings and chemicals;
  • Looking for new and unusual tastes and their combinations for yourself and your loved ones;
  • Interested in alternative medicine and shamanic practices
  • Companies whose business is related to health improvement: health food stores, tea shops, yoga studios, Spa centers, Ayurvedic clinics, etc.
  • Producers of environmentally friendly products in need of quality raw materials.

Why You should pay attention to our products:

  • For the production of herbal tea, we use only hand-gathered herbs from ecologically clean regions, as well as spices, flowers and fruits from around the world. Our herbs are always fresh harvest, with a bright taste and aroma.
  • All our products are made only from natural raw materials without the use of flavor additives and dyes.
  • We try to use natural resources carefully and support the concept of zero waste, so we use biodegradable paper bags or plastic to be recycled for packaging.
  • Unique and original recipes, taking into account the experience of Siberian healers and herbalists.
  • We love what we do! For us it is not work, but passion and passion!