Calming tea

Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Origin: Russia
Year: 2021
Product Price
14.50$ / 100.00gr

This collection has a delicate taste and aroma of summer Sunny meadows. It is perfect for an evening tea party in a close family setting. Herbal tea "calming" can be used as a regular drink and as a mild remedy for relieving nervous tension and stress accumulated during the day. It perfectly helps to relieve nervousness and apathy, relax and bring peace. Due to its pronounced sedative properties, it harmonizes the work of the heart and vascular system, helps to reduce blood pressure. It facilitates the process of falling asleep, which is important for the elderly and those whose work involves high mental loads.

The tea contains: Crowberry firs, Kuril tea, Currant, Raspberry, Motherwort.

How to drink?

In a slightly warmed teapot, lower 1-2 tablespoons of raw materials and pour two or three glasses of water warmed to the "white keys". Important: do not boil the water for the drink, but wait for the stage when "columns" of air bubbles begin to rise from the bottom of the kettle. The container is well capped and insists on a water bath for no more than 10-20 minutes. The process can become much easier if the tea is brewed in a thermos. By the way, in a thermos you can take it to work, and an infusion. with this method of storage, it will not lose its properties. How to apply? Use warm brewed tea for half a glass 2-4 times a day. It is desirable to combine with meals. The treatment course is 2 weeks. The course can be repeated one month after admission.

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