Fir needles

Fir needles

Form: needles
Origin: Russia, Altai
Year: 2019
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Coniferous evergreen monoecious tree with a deep rod root system and dark gray bark. The needles are flat, fragrant, dark green, shiny, with two whitish stripes on the bottom. Flowers are unisexual, collected in male (staminate) and female spikelets. Female spikelets consist of scales, in the axils of which sit the ovules. Cones are light brown, long, erect, crumbling when ripe. Seeds are light brown, with a wedge-shaped wing. Height up to 30 m.

The time of flowering. May-early June.

Distribution. It is found in Siberia and the North-East of the European part. Fir forests are especially common in the Saiyans and Altai.

Habitat. It grows in rich loamy moist soil.

The part used. Buds, needles, young branches and bark.

The time of collection. The bark is collected throughout the year, buds and needles — in March – April, young branches-in May-early June.

Chemical composition

Needles contain ascorbic acid (0.32%), abietin and neoabietinic acids, alcohol abienol and essential oil (3.09 – 3.027%). In the essential oil are bornyl acetate, borneol, camphene, pinene, phellandrene.


Water infusion of needles has an anti-scurvy, diuretic, "blood purifying" and analgesic effect. Water vitamin infusion of young needles and kidneys is used for the treatment and prevention of scurvy and is used as a diuretic, "blood purifier", as well as an analgesic for rheumatic and colds. The bark has astringent properties and is used as an external remedy for burns and tumors. Fresh and steamed kidneys are applied to the teeth for dental pain. Turpentine is obtained from the juice of fir, which is used as an external irritant and distractor.

Of the components of the essential oil of fir bornyl acetate and produce borneol camphor. Camphor is widely used in medicine as a means of stimulating the Central nervous system and enhancing the activity of the heart. Camphor alcohol is widely used for rubbing in myositis, neuritis and joint rheumatism.

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