Wild mint

Wild mint

Mentha arvensis, lamb's-tongue
Form: cutted leaves
Origin: Russia, Altai
Year: 2019
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A perennial herbaceous odorous plant with a long creeping rhizome. Stems are simple or branched, four-sided. The leaves are opposite, ovate-lanceolate, acute, serrate-toothed, often pubescent. The flowers are small, pinkish-purple, collected in dense globular whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. Calyx bell-shaped, with five teeth. Corolla with five lobes, of which one is notched. Four stamens, a pistil with a four-part upper ovary. The fruit consists of four rounded nuts enclosed in a calyx. Height 15 – 45 cm.

The time of flowering. June-September.

Distribution. Found in most areas. It is cultivated as an essential oil plant.

Habitat. It grows in wet meadows, in floodplains, near reservoirs, in wet forests. It is cultivated on plantations of essential oil and medicinal plants, a similar type is pepper mint.

The part used. Grass (stems, leaves, flowers).

The time of collection. June-September.

Chemical composition

The herb contains essential oil. The main component of it is menthol and various terpenes.

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