Verbena officinalis, peristerian wort, vervain
Form: whole leaves
Origin: Armenia
Year: 2020
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Annual or perennial herbaceous or semi-shrubby plants up to 1 m high. The stem is four-sided, erect, prostrate or creeping, pubescent. Leaves opposite, rarely whorled or alternate, elongated-oval, dark green, pubescent, toothed, pinnately incised or dissected, sometimes whole. Flowers are small, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter, sessile, with a 5-toothed calyx, funnel-shaped, almost two-lobed 5-lobed corolla, collected by 30-50 in terminal corymbose or paniculate inflorescences, spikes or racemes, they are rarely axillary. Verbena has a wide range of colours: white, yellow, pink, bright and dark red, salmon, blue and dark blue. Flowers can be monocolored, as well as with a white or cream eye. The fruit is a light brown or greenish compound nut that splits into four parts. In 1 g up to 300 seeds.

Chemical composition

Iridous glycosides (verbenalin, orbenin, etc.), mucilage, tannins, bitterness.


Medical effect of peristerian wort: toning the central nervous system, normalizing the balance of excitation and inhibition, anticramping, diaphoretic, and expectorant.

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