Schizandra chinensis

Schizandra chinensis

Magnolia-vine, Chinese magnolia-vine, magnolia berry, five-flavor-fruit, schisandra
Form: dried berries
Origin: Russia
Year: 2020
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Magnolia-vine was already used in Chinese medicine about 500 years ago. Residents-hunters of the Far East (Primorye and the Amur region) have long been known for the wonderful properties of the Magnolia-vine berries, which relieved fatigue, restored the body's strength and increased the sharpness of night vision. The magnolia-vine berries in fresh and dry form are used by residents of the Far East and the Chinese as a stimulating, strengthening agent that gives strength and cheerfulness and destroys fatigue. In the far East, magnolia-vine is also used for hypertension, but not accompanied by overexcitation of the nervous system and insomnia.


In Chinese folk medicine, fruits and seeds are taken for a variety of diseases: General loss of strength, sexual weakness, anemia, tuberculosis, stomach diseases, liver, kidneys, respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma), colds, gonorrhea, dysentery, nervous and mental diseases.

In the USSR, extensive research was conducted on the effects of the magnolia-vine preparations in laboratories and clinics, during sports competitions, long transitions, increased mental and physical work, and in various severe diseases. It is proved that tincture of seeds and fruits stimulates and tones the Central nervous system, relieves the feeling of physical and mental fatigue, increases performance, increases visual acuity at night. The magnolia-vine preparations increase conditional reflex activity and long-term enhance excitatory processes in the cerebral cortex, stimulate the cardiovascular system and respiration, regulate, equalize blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, expand peripheral blood vessels, increase uterine contractions.

In scientific medicine, magnolia-vine is used as a strong tonic for fatigue, reduced physical and mental performance, exhaustion of the nervous system, sexual weakness, to increase visual acuity, in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases accompanied by cyclothymia and for healing poorly healing wounds and trophic ulcers.

Clinical studies have shown that magnolia-vine is a very effective remedy for dysentery. It is useful as a stimulant for certain heart diseases and respiratory weakness. The magnolia-vine contributes to the long-term preservation of strength in people engaged in heavy physical and mental work. Water infusion of leaves and infusion of magnolia-vine bark is used as a good vitamin or anti-scurvy agent. The magnolia-vine is used as an alcoholic tincture of seeds, rarely fruit, and seed or fruit powder. When taking it, the stimulating effect occurs in 30 to 40 minutes, and its effect lasts about 6 hours.

The magnolia-vine does not produce undesirable side effects on the human body. However, magnolia-vine is contraindicated for nervous excitement and overexcitation, insomnia, high blood pressure and severe cardiac disorders. The use of the magnolia-vine as a strong tonic, stimulating agent should only be carried out with a preliminary medical examination and medical control. In the far East, the juice of magnolia-vine berries is used as a food acid, and the bark of the stems, which has the smell of lemon, is put in tea. Berry juice is also used for making jelly and a refreshing, invigorating drink.

Method of application

1. Alcohol tincture of the magnolia-vine seeds to take in 20-30 drops with water on an empty stomach or 4 hours after eating.

2. 1 tablespoon of fresh or dry magnolia-vine berries infuse for 2 hours in a closed container in 1 glass of boiling water, strain. Take 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach 4 times a day.

3. The magnolia-vine seed powder take 0.5 g before meals 2 times a day.

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