Purple marshlocks

Purple marshlocks

Comarum palustre, Potentilla palustris, swamp cinquefoil, marsh cinquefoil
Form: whole roots
Origin: Russia
Year: 2019
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Perennial pubescent semi-shrub with a creeping rhizome and rising reddish woody stems. The leaves are dark green, grayish-green below, with stipules. The lower leaves are non-pinnate, with five to seven leaflets, the upper ones are triplicate. Leaves are oblong, pointed. Flowers dark red, with epicalyx, in racemes. The Petals, corolla, sepals and leaves of podcase at five apiece. The petals of the сorolla shorter than the calyx. There are a lot of stamens and pistils, they, as well as the inner part of the calyx, are dark red. The fruit is a multi-seeded plant that splits into flattened achenes with thread-like columns. Height 30 – 100 cm.

The time of flowering. June-July.

Distribution. It is found in the European part, except in the extreme South, in the Caucasus, in Western and Eastern Siberia.

Habitat. It grows in swamps and marshy meadows, along the banks of rivers and lakes, in swampy forests and in tundra.

The part used. Grass (stems, leaves, flowers) and rhizomes with roots.

The time of collection. The grass is collected in June-July, rhizomes-in autumn.

Chemical composition. Unexplored. It is known that the plant contains tannins.


The plant has astringent, hemostatic, analgesic, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. Water infusion of rhizomes with roots and herbs is used for diarrhea, flu-like conditions, colds, body aches, bleeding and as a diaphoretic. Crushed grass is applied to wounds for their healing and to various tumors, especially tumors of the glands and hemorrhoid cones for their resorption. Decoction of herbs and rhizomes is used to strengthen the gums and ease toothache.

Method of application

1. 1 tablespoon of dry grass and rhizomes with the roots of Marsh cinquefoil insist 1 hour in 1 сup of boiling water, strain. Take 1/4 сup 3-4 times a day warm.

2. 2-3 tablespoons of Marsh cinquefoil herb brew with boiling water, wrap in gauze. Hot pads are used as analgesic and anti-inflammatory poultices.

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