Origanum vulgare, wild marjoram, breakbone
Form: chopped herb
Origin: Russia, Crimea
Year: 2020
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A perennial odorous herb with a branching creeping rhizome. Stems are straight, branched, four-sided, soft-pubescent. Leaves opposite, oblong-ovate, pointed. The flowers are small, double-edged, purplish-pink, collected in a corymbose inflorescence. There are four stamens, a pistil with a four-part upper ovary and a long, double-split column exceeding the corolla. The fruit consists of four roundish-egg-shaped nut enclosed in a calyx ("cup"). The taste of the plant is spicy-bitter. Height 30 – 80 cm.

The time of flowering. June-August.

Habitat. It grows in shrubs, forests, and steppe meadows.

The part used. Grass (stems, leafage, flowers) and leaves.

The time of collection. June-August.

Chemical composition

Oregano contains an essential oil that includes thymol, carvacrol and terpenes. The herb also contains tannins and ascorbic acid (leaves — 565 mg, stems-58 mg).

Methods of application

1. 15 g of herbs infuse for 2 hours in 1 glass of boiling water, strain, take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

2. Prepare the following mixture: oregano herb - 5 g, mother-and-stepmother herb - 5 g, marshmallow root - 20 g. 2 teaspoons of the mixture pour 1 glass of boiling water, insist, strain. Drink warm 1/2 glass 3-4 times a day.

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