Hibiscus sabdariffa, Roselle, rosella
Form: flowers
Origin: Egypt
Year: 2019
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The Sudan rose (Rosella, Karkade) is an annual herbaceous plant in the Malvaceae blood line.

It is the bright red flowers of this wonderful plant that are called Karkade, and are the raw material for the production of the similar drink. It is believed that the birthplace of Rosella is India, currently it is distributed in tropical latitudes around the world – grown and extracted on an industrial scale.

Chemical composition and application

Carcade is rich in anthocyanin and citrine (vitamin P)-responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of blood vessels and regulating capillary permeability. Its petals also contain many other vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids, and polysaccharides. Not for nothing, Karkade was called the drink of the pharaohs and was famous as a cure for all diseases. Regular use of Karkade helps to reduce blood sugar, remove toxins from the body, improve the functioning of the heart muscle and protects the liver from harmful effects.

It is worth noting that Karkade increases the acidity of the stomach, so you should be careful when using it for people with acute gastritis and ulcers.

Karkade can be used as a self-contained drink, and can serve as the basis for a bouquet of delicious floral and herbal teas, adding berries to it may taste like fruit-drink or compote, when adding spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, etc.), and you can get a non-alcoholic likeness of mulled wine.

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