Healthy heart

Healthy heart

Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Origin: Russia
Year: 2020
Product Price
7.95 $

The composition of this natural tea, collected from plants growing in ecologically clean areas of Russia, meets the strictest safety and quality standards. Its action is aimed at strengthening the heart muscle, clearing blood vessels, improving blood flow, and preventing atherosclerotic changes in the vascular system. The effect of this collection is due to the beneficial qualities of plant components


Ziziphora – a rare plant that grows in Siberia and the Altai, has outstanding therapeutic qualities, while it is easily accepted and absorbed by the body. Ziziphora helps to remove edema of various origins, stabilizes blood pressure, relieves spasms and neuroses, extinguishes foci of inflammatory phenomena in blood vessels.

Hawthorn berries – have a beneficial effect on heart function, stabilize the rhythm, improves the tone of blood vessels and has a mild hypotensive effect.

Motherwort – a proven sedative for centuries, which can cope even with long-standing neuroses. Improves sleep quality.

St. John's wort – antispasmodic, gives strength, antidepressant.

Melissa – promotes blood renewal, relieves spasms, removes nervous tension, improves concentration and memory.

Kuril tea is a natural immune modulator, a light diuretic and removes puffiness.

Raspberry leaf – cleanses the blood, improves the capillary system, fights micro-injuries in blood vessels.

How to drink

Pour 1-2 tablespoons of raw material into the custard container and pour two glasses of water warmed to the "white keys", cover with a towel or tea warmer and insist for 15-20 minutes. Drink warm ½ cup 3 times a day half an hour before meals. To get a more intense drink, it is recommended to infuse it in a thermos or sweat it for 10-20 minutes in a water bath.

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