Healthy digestion tisane

Healthy digestion tisane

Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Origin: Russia
Year: 2020
Product Price
9.95 $

Tormented by heartburn, bloating, heaviness in the stomach and stomach pain? You do not need to buy expensive syrups and "magic pills"in pharmacies. Help your digestion in a different way-temporarily replace regular tea with "Healthy digestion tisane" tea. If you regularly drink this drink, you will notice that your intestines are working like clockwork, you will feel light in the stomach and forget about constipation. The condition of the skin will also improve, because, thanks to the herbs that are part of the collection, the body will "drive out" the slags and toxins that clog it. Another pleasant "side effect" of this herbal collection – you will say goodbye to heartburn. The collection of "Healthy digestion tisane" will become an assistant to the body with pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcer.

Of course, it will only work in combination with drug therapy, which your doctor will prescribe, and diet. We recommend taking the drink in courses: three weeks, then a week break, after which the course can be repeated again. Unlike medicines, this drink will not harm the body, as it consists exclusively of natural herbs. But this does not free you from the need to consult a doctor. If your stomach does not give you rest, do not self-medicate, contact a specialist. Advertised medications that help some people can harm others.

Composition:inula, sweet flag root, nettle leaves, rose hip, plantago leaves, wild mint, chamomile flowers, yarrow, thyme, chaga mushroom, stevia, linden flowers.

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