Form: seeds
Origin: Egypt
Year: 2019
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The umbrella blood line is Umbelliferae - a two-year-old glaucous herbaceous plant with a high branched stem. Leaves are sheath, dissected into long filiform lobes. Flowers are small, yellow, collected in multi-ray complex umbrellas. Fruits-oblong ribbed diacheniums. The fruits have a grayish-green color, sweet taste and a peculiar aromatic smell. Fennel is very similar to dill, but differs from it in the smell and structure of the fruit. Height 1 – 1.5 m.

The time of flowering. June-July.

Distribution. It is found in the wild in the Crimea and the Caucasus. It is cultivated as a medicinal plant.

Habitat.In its wild form, it grows mainly on dry stony slopes, as well as near roads and housing. It is cultivated on plantations of medicinal plants.

The part used. The fruits («seeds»).

Chemical composition

The seed contains an essential fragrant oil (3.5-5%), which contains 50 – 60% anethol and a number of terpenes (piien, camphene, fellandren) and traces of anisic aldehyde and anisic acid.


Fennel stimulates food craving, increases digestion, frees the stomach and intestines from gas accumulation, reduces and stops convulsions and gastrointestinal colic, increases menstruation, as well as milk production in nursing women, and has an expectorant and weak diuretic effect. Water infusion of "seeds" in folk and scientific medicine is taken as a means to promote digestion, a light laxative for gastrointestinal diseases, as a carminative for bloating from gases (flatulence), as a good expectorant for various diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, and is also used for kidney and gallstone diseases. "Seeds" of fennel are part of a laxative, carminative, choleretic, chest and sedative collections. From «seeds» prepare dill water, used for bloating and abdominal pain in infants.

Method of application

1 teaspoon of crushed "seeds" of fennel infuse for 2 hours in a closed container in 1 glass of boiling water, strain. Take, sweetening, 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

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