Eleutherococcus senticosus, devil's bush, wild pepper
Form: whole roots
Origin: Russia
Year: 2019
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A strongly prickly shrub with a large number of stems and light gray bark, dotted with numerous thin spines. The leaves are beautiful, complex, five-fingered, with broad, pointed, toothed leaflets. Flowers are small, white, collected in spherical simple umbrellas. Fruits are black, berry-like, shiny. Height 1.5 m.

The time of flowering. July.

Habitat. It grows in cedar-deciduous forests.

The part used. Roots.

The time of collection. In the autumn, after the fruit has matured.

Chemical composition

Insufficiently studied. It is known that the roots contain various glucosides, gums and essential oils. Eleutherococcus does not contain saponins, which are inherent in almost all representatives of the Araliaceae family.


Tincture of Eleutherococcus roots is a substitute for ginseng. Repeated tests have shown a strong tonic effect of the tincture for physical and mental fatigue, General weakness of the body and low blood pressure.

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