Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Origin: Russia
Year: 2020
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Tea "Diabetic" - "pantry" of useful herbs for people diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, this drink will not free you from the need to follow a diet and take medications prescribed by a doctor, but it will become an assistant for the body.

What's in the line-up? Eight unique herbs that together have a refreshing effect on the entire body as a whole. Individually, each of the components of tea has a positive effect on the systems and organs of the human body, improving their work, blood and lymph circulation. These herbs are used in many medical collections, but it is in the collection "Diabetic" that the optimal composition and dosage is selected, which helps to ease the course of this disease.


Elecampane is a unique herb, regulates the cardiovascular and Central nervous systems, lowers blood sugar.

Meadowsweet – also very famous for its action: it is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hemostatic and diaphoretic agent.

Blueberry leaf – in addition to being good for vision, it is an excellent anesthetic, improves metabolism and lowers sugar levels.

Calamus root – this herb is useful for the gastrointestinal tract: it increases the secretion of stomach contents, bile-releasing function of the liver and increases the tone of the gallbladder.

Cranberry leaf – diuretic, choleretic and bactericidal action.

Motherwort – calming, lowers blood pressure.

Сentaury – hemostatic, analgesic and wound healing effect.

Stevia – makes our tea sweet and does not harm the body.

How to drink?

Pre-grind the composition. Wash the collection with boiling water. 1-1. 5 tablespoons of collection pour 250 ml of boiling water. infuse in a thermos for 2-3 hours, strain, take 30 minutes. before meals. Drink like regular tea.

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