Pantocrine capsules

Pantocrine capsules

Deer velvet antlers powder
Form: capsules
Origin: Russia, Altai
Year: 2020
Примечание: Панты в капсулах
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Pantocrine is a product of antlers (young horns) of the Altai maral. Antlers contain a mother lode of vitamins and trace elements, as well as growth hormones(IGF-1). The content of IGF-1 in the antlers of the Altai maral is more than twice the content of this substance in a similar substance of the New Zealand deer. It is used for effective treatment and prevention of the following diseases and conditions:

• hypotension (low blood pressure)

• neuroses of varying severity

• feeble immune system

• diseases of the respiratory system

• metabolic disorder

• anemias

• sexual disorders (sexual debility, weak sexual desire)

How to use: 1-2 capsules in the morning, with water, before meals.

Composition: Dry powder of antlers of Altai maral - 100%. The highest content of active substances from the drugs on the market.

Contraindications: pregnancy and breast-feeding, period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, hypertension, increased nervous excitability, tuberculosis, individual intolerance.

Weight: 60 capsules of 500 mg.

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