Corn silk

Corn silk

Zea mays, maize
Form: silk
Origin: Russia, Altai
Year: 2019
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An annual monoecious plant. The stems are erect, knotted, with a core. The leaves are alternate, broadly linear-lanceolate, and vaginal. Male flowers are in panicles, female flowers are in cobs, from which hang long thread-like green or cherry-brown columns with stigmas. Height 1 – 3 m.

The time of flowering. June-August.

Distribution. In Russia, it is cultivated almost everywhere. The homeland is considered to be Mexico and Guatemala.

Habitat. It is not found in the wild. Cultivated in the fields.

The part used. Columns of corn together with"stigmas".

The time of collection. June-August.

Chemical composition

Columns and stigmas contain sitosterol, stigmasterol, fatty oil (up to 2.5%), essential oil (up to 0.12%), Pantothenic acid, gum-like substance (up to 3.8%), resinous substances (up to 2.7%), bitter glucoside, saponins (up to 3.18%), Inositol, cryptoxanthin, traces of alkaloids, vitamin C and blood-clotting vitamin K3. Seeds contain starch (up to 61.2%), fatty oil (up to 4.75%), pentosans (up to 7.4%), alkaloid substances (about 0.21%), zeaxanthin, zeacarotins, quercetine, isoquercitrin and other flavone derivatives, vitamins B1 (up to 0.2 mg), B2 (about 100 mg), B6, nicotinic acid (up to 2.6 mg), pantothenic acid (about 0.7 mg) and biotin (vitamin H).

Method of application

10 g “stigmas” corn insists for 1 hour in a closed container in 1 glass of boiling water, strain. Take 1 tablespoon every 3 to 4 hours before meals.

* Any statements and representations posted on this site regarding the possible outcome are not considered to be a binding result for everyone. There are contraindications, consult your doctor before use.

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