Black locust

Black locust

Robinia pseudoacacia, false acacia
Form: flowers
Origin: Russia, Altai
Year: 2019
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A tall tree with brown bark. The leaves are complex, non-pinnate, with many pairs of oblong-oval leaflets. Stipules in the form of prickles. Flowers-white, fragrant, moth-like, collected in hanging brushes. Of the ten stamens, pistil with a superior ovary. The fruit is a brown flat broad bean. Height is 10-35 m.

The part used. Bark of branches and flowers.

Chemical composition

Not studied in detail. It is known that the flowers contain the glycoside Robinin, an unexplored glycoside and an essential oil with the smell of Silver-Chain flowers. The essential oil contains Anthranilic acid Methyl ester, Indole, Heliotropin, Benzyl alcohol, Linalool and Terpineol.


Infusion of flowers is used as an astringent and anti-spasmodic agent. In German folk medicine, alcohol tincture of the bark of young branches is used in the form of drops for acidic belching, which occurs due to excessive acidity of the gastric juice.

Method of application

2 teaspoons of white acacia flowers infuse in a closed vessel in 100 g of alcohol or vodka. Take 15-20 drops with water 2 times a day.

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