Safflower petals

Carthamus tinctorium
Form: dried petals
Origin: Uzbekistan
Year: 2021
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SAFFLOWER - Carthamus tinctorium L. Family Asteraceae (Asteraceae) - Asteraceae Dumort. (Compositar Giseke)


Safflower is an annual herb with a straight branched stem 60-80 cm high. The leaves are alternate, sessile, oblong-ovate, rigid, prickly toothed with a network of veins sharply protruding from below. The flowers are tubular, bright orange with a five-toothed corolla, collected in large spherical baskets. 5 stamens with anthers welded into a tube. Pistil with bifurcated stigma and lower ovary. The fruit is a white, hard and shiny achene. Blooms in July-August.

Cultivated in the fields, occasionally bred as an ornamental plant in front gardens. For medicinal purposes, the marginal flowers of the flower basket and seeds are used.

Active substances

Safflower flowers contain red pigments - kartamine, isocartamine and yellow - safflower (S.E. Zemlinsky and others). In addition to these pigments, luteolin 7-glucoside, a new red pigment, cardamom, and a yellow pigment, kartamine, were found in the flowers, and a semi-drying fatty oil was found in the seeds. The oil contains stearic, palmitic, arachidic, lignoceric, myristic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids.


The flowers have a diuretic, laxative and choleretic effect. In folk medicine, a decoction of flowers is used for gastritis, gastric ulcer, enterocolitis, jaundice; seeds as a laxative and blood-purifying agent. Safflower seed oil can be used in medicine along with sunflower oil. The oil is used in the food industry. Safflower petals are used as an inexpensive substitute for saffron to give food and drinks a bright yellow-orange color.

Mode of application

2 teaspoons of dried safflower flowers in 1 glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour in a thermos, drain. Take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily before meals as choleretic.

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