Black walnut (pericarp)

Form: pericarp
Origin: Russia
Year: 2021
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Black walnut - (Juglans nigra) - a type species of trees from the genus Walnut of the Walnut family (Juglandaceae)


A tree up to 40 meters high with dark, almost black bark covered with deep cracks. Leaves 25-50 cm long, alternate, pinnate, with 11-23 oblong-ovate light green leaves. Leaflets 6-10 cm long, up to 3 cm wide, gradually tapering towards the apex, the base is rounded, slightly unequal, the edge is irregularly finely toothed. It blooms at the same time as the leaves open. Stamen flowers are collected in multi-flowered catkins 6-15 cm long, pistillate - in clusters of 3-5 flowers. The fruit is green, spherical or pear-shaped, 3.5-5 cm in diameter, covered with glandular hairs. The endocarp (walnut) is round or ovoid, pointed at the top, with a thick shell, reminiscent of a walnut.

Flowering time. June July.
Spreading. Found in the wild in North America. It is cultivated in gardens and parks all over the world.
Applicable part. In medicine, the pericarp (peel) of the nut is used, the core is edible.
Collection time. Autumn.


Oil is obtained from the fruit of the black walnut, tinctures and decoctions are prepared from the pericarp, which are used in the treatment of parasites.

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