Why should you drink herb tea?

Nowadays, when the healthy lifestyle is a trend, herbal tea is once again becoming very popular. The use of herbal tea is undeniable and is confirmed today by many scientific studies. Indeed, what could be better on cold winter days to drink a Cup of healthy herbal tea? So what is the use of herbal tea and is there any harm?

Herbal tea – a tea obtained by brewing herbs, flowers, plant roots. You can brew this tea with any herb. We need to calm down after a hard day's work, relieve the first signs of a cold, relieve nausea or bloating – we resort to herbal teas. In winter, this tea will warm, raise our immunity. In the summer – a great cooling and healthy drink. After all, all herbs have healing properties. And in addition to simply quenching your thirst, herbal tea can solve a number of health problems. Herbal tea Has many useful properties. It can be drunk hot or cold. At all times and around the world, this tea is valued as a drink that gives the key to health and longevity and is the oldest drink. How can I benefit from drinking herbal tea? The main advantage of this tea is that when brewing any part of the plant, we get a healing drink with all the useful properties inherent in this plant in an easily digestible form.

In addition, herbal tea is: an excellent source of vitamins and minerals; flavonoids; antioxidants; tannins; essential compounds. Herbal teas are simple, inexpensive and effective. This is one way to drink a delicious decaf drink and non-drug prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Flavonoids and antioxidants contained in the tea drink help to remove toxins and heavy metal compounds from the body, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and digestive system, capillaries and connective tissues, promote faster healing. Flavonoids, scientists believe, can have an antitumor effect, slow down the aging process. Tannins also help the body to fight many diseases, have astringent properties, relieve inflammation. Depending on the brewed grass or several types of herbs, herbal tea may have the following properties: anti-Inflammatory; Antibacterial; immuno-Strengthening and immunostimulating; Tonic; Relaxing and soothing; As a rule, herbal tea is drunk without sugar. But you can add sweetener if you want. It is better if it is natural honey or stevia.

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