About adaptogens

The modern rhythm of life leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. But there are such drugs as adaptogens that help to bear stress more easily, improve the body's adaptation and have a tonic effect. They can be found in plants (ginseng), animal products (propolis), and minerals (rock oil).

Adaptogens have a positive effect on the body through their effects on the nervous, immune and endocrine systems:
- increase carcinogens and toxins resistance, reduce the risk of colds;
- increase physical and mental activity, vitality, stress resistance;
- improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
- contribute to the improvement of cognitive abilities;
- normalize biological rhythms;
- relieves from chronic fatigue, drowsiness.

These substances also help you recover more easily after training and achieve greater success in sports. They increase endurance, add strength, and improve reaction speed.

The effect of some adaptogens is similar to that of caffeine. They are also invigorating, improve mood and mental performance, but adaptogens do not have such side effects as caffeine.

The most popular adaptogens:

- Ginseng
- Eleutherococcus
- Schisandra (schisandra chinensis)
- Rhodiola rosea
- The root of Aralia

- Sagan-dalya
- Holy Basil
- Astragalus
- Maral root
- Licorice root

- Reishi Mushroom
- Peruvian Maca
- Rosemary

Rhodiola rosea

For those who know a lot about herbs, folk medicine, or just for those who want cheap access to health, Rhodiola rosea is perfect.

Its other name is the Golden root, since this part is used for medicinal purposes.

- increases the overall resistance of the body,
- counteracts stress,
- it is an excellent choleretic agent,
- restores the state of blood in the body, improves its composition, and helps stop bleeding. Useful properties of Rhodiola affect the hematopoietic functions of the body; help to fight with anemia,
- helps to restore strength after diseases.

Extracts and preparations of Golden root are used by athletes to increase muscle tone and improve the effectiveness of training. Rhodiola rosea in the tea is used to relieve fatigue, fatigue, to improve performance and endurance. When treating patients with hypotension, blood PRESSURE is usually normalized.

But remember that this is a very active plant Adaptogen, it cannot be taken daily, and otherwise it will lead to the opposite result. (You can buy it there)


Sagan-Dalya is translated from Tibetan as "prolonging life".

On the territory of the Russian Far East, it occurs on the coast of the sea of Okhotsk, on the Schmidt Peninsula (Sakhalin), in the upper reaches of the Selemdzhi and Bureya. In addition, it is distributed in the Eastern and Western Sayan, Hamar-Daban, on the Barguzin range, and the North-Eastern foothills of Tibet.

The applied part is leaves.

Useful properties:
- it is a strong energy-stimulant,
- relieves fatigue after heavy physical exertion,
- improves metabolism, increases immunity, strong antiseptic,
- kills foreign flora in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract,
- removes toxins from the body, primarily from the lungs and bronchi,
- restores the activity of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder,
- promotes brain activity,
- strengthens the walls of blood vessels,
- reduces nervousness, rejuvenates, increases potency,
- relieves "hangover syndrome", puffiness.

Contraindications of such a tool are individual intolerance, as well as pregnancy, lactation, overdose. (You can buy it there)


Chinese Schizandra (Magnolia-vine) is an ancient medicinal plant that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for a long time.

It grows in cedar-deciduous and other coniferous-deciduous forests.

Chinese lemongrass fruit and seeds are used as medicinal raw materials.

The Schizandra is a storehouse of useful substances, not much inferior in its properties to the most valuable Taiga Ginseng:
- used as a source of stimulating and tonic elements in the manufacture of medicines and folk healing,
- it is probably the most powerful natural energy source,
- used to increase visual acuity,
- in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases accompanied by astheno-depressive states,
- for healing poorly healing wounds and trophic ulcers,
- for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory diseases in children and adults.

Clinical studies have shown that Magnolia-vine is a very effective remedy for dysentery. It is useful as a stimulant for certain heart diseases and respiratory weakness. (You can buy it there)

The root of Aralia

As a medicinal product, the roots of Aralia Manchu are mainly used.

Aralia preparations have an excitatory effect on the Central nervous system. Tonic tincture is used for low blood pressure, reduced sexual activity, nervous exhaustion, depressive States, residual phenomena after meningitis, contusions and concussions of the brain. (You can buy it there)


One of the most famous medicinal plants. It can be found on southern Sakhalin, in the Primorsky territory. Valuable in the shrub are the roots.

The beneficial properties of Eleutherococcus:

- reduces blood sugar;
- prevents the development of cancer;
- increases the body's resistance to infections, poisoning, and radiation;
- increase appetite;
- improves metabolism, visual acuity and hearing;
- promotes rapid regeneration of skin damage, heals boils, ulcers;
- helps to normalize the state of mental disorders;
- increases blood pressure and performance;
- improves the functioning of the lungs, musculoskeletal system, and joints;
- normalizes sleep, blood supply, and lymph flow;
- helps with frostbite, muscle fatigue, neurasthenia;
- eliminates the inflammation of the gums, cures stomatitis, strengthens enamel;
- serves as prevention of atherosclerosis, vegetative vascular neurosis, immunosuppression.

Warning! During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the use of eleutherococcus is contraindicated. It tones the body, which can lead to an increase in contractile activity of the uterus, cause bleeding or miscarriage. (You can buy it there)


Panax-the generic name of ginseng, comes from the Greek Panakos (panacea), with a sense of the miraculous power prescribed to it by the Chinese, who consider it the perfect medicine for almost all diseases.

According to scientific research, ginseng roots have adaptogenic, stimulating and tonic effects on the human body.

- Restores strength after grueling physical exertion,
- supports the human nervous system, relieves anxiety, cures neurasthenia, and stimulates the respiration of brain cells,
- accelerates wound healing, relieves inflammation, disinfects, and strengthens teeth;
- improves gas exchange in the respiratory system,
- Increases bile secretion, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism by reducing blood sugar, helps reduce weight, reducing the risk of obesity,
- strengthens hair follicles, improves blood circulation of the scalp, prevents baldness,
- activates the activity of the adrenal glands,
- increases the light sensitivity of the eyes,
- strengthens the immune system, serves as a prevention of seasonal colds.

In order to avoid problems with sleep, "root of life" is taken before lunch, because it has an exciting effect on the human body. (You can buy it there)

Maral root

In folk medicine of Siberia, Maral root is known as a plant that " lifts a person from fourteen diseases and infuses him with youth."

It grows in the Altai mountains, in Western and Eastern Siberia, and in Central Asia.

As a medicinal raw material, a rhizome with the roots of Maral safflower is used.

The Maral root has a fairly wide range of medical applications:
- tones the body,
- stimulates activity,
- expands blood vessels,
- increases the pressure,
- strengthens the overall plan,
- supports the immune system,
- protection of the body from harmful substances,
- stimulates the body's natural resistance to diseases,
- purifying the blood from toxins,
- anti-aging effect.

No side effects were detected with long-term use of Maral medicine. Therefore, “Lauzea” is used not only in medicine, but also in the food industry. (You can buy it there)

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom or tinder varnished has long been known in traditional Chinese medicine. In Russia, preparations by this mushroom (tinctures, extracts, dry extracts in capsules) are found and sold under the name "Linzhi", "linchi" and "Reishi".

Reishi mushroom affects various processes in the body:
- restores the overall tone, strengthen immunity,
- counteracts pathogenic bacteria, prevents viruses from entering the body,
- normalizes blood pressure,
- restores liver cells, protects them from the negative effects of drugs and alcohol,
- prevents the development of diabetes,
- slows down the aging process,
- prevents violations of metabolic processes,
- serves as a prevention of heart and vascular diseases,
- facilitates well-being in case of allergies, respiratory diseases, reduces the number of attacks in case of bronchial asthma,
- supports the functions of the digestive system, normalizes the liver and pancreas,
- prevents the development of cancer and the formation of benign tumors,
- promotes weight loss.

In China, this mushroom is actively used in the treatment of all types of allergies. (You can buy it there)

Adaptogens are a separate, rather extensive category of herbal preparations used in the form of tinctures, extracts, decoctions and teas. Many of them have legitimate, scientifically supported healing effects. Using adaptogens correctly, you can cope with many diseases, strengthen your body, correct the nervous system, and learn how to deal with stress. It is also important that natural remedies are much better perceived by the body than their chemical counterparts.

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