Apple flowers

Apple flowers

Crabapples, crabtrees
Form: cutted leaves
Origin: Altai
Year: 2021

The Apple tree is one of the most common fruit crops, as it grows on different soils, in different climates, and is durable. The fruit of the Apple tree are very popular. They are used for making jam, dried fruits, and juices. They are low-calorie, so they are used in dietary nutrition, and are necessary for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Few people know, but Apple blossoms contain a huge amount of useful vitamins and trace elements. They are often used in pharmacology. If you have certain stomach problems, then an excellent medicine for you will be an infusion of dried Apple flowers. You can find out how to cook it in our article. Surprisingly, Apple blossoms are extremely useful. They are often used in pharmacology, cosmetology and home medicine. Few people know, but tea from Apple blossoms is an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer. In order to properly collect Apple flowers for making tea, you need to know several features, which you can find in our article. Experts recommend to start collecting in the spring and at the same time to collect not only flowers, but also young leaves. It is at this time that a large amount of aromatic and useful resin is found on them. When the material is collected, it must be dried. This process usually takes 10-15 days. You can brew the ready-made tea together with the usual brew and drink the ready-made drink in unlimited quantities. This tea increases the immune system. It is for this reason that it is useful for those who have the flu or SARS.

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