Antihypertension tea

Antihypertension tea

Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Year: 2021

A Herbal tea "Healthy Heart without high pressure” effectively and without side effects helps to lower blood pressure. Thanks to its natural ingredients, this tea relieves the symptoms of hypertension - headache, migraine, "heaviness" in the head. This herbal tea also strengthens and cleanses the walls of blood vessels, helping in the treatment of this serious ailment.

We recommend taking herbal tea for a hypertension course for 2 months, during which you need to drink 4-6 packs of tea. Treatment with herbs has a cumulative effect and is achieved only with regular use.

Composition of herbal tea

Hawthorn. Accelerates blood flow, thereby normalizing blood pressure. Excellent prevention of sclerotic changes in coronary vessels.

Viburnum. Antispasmodic, choleretic and wound healing effects. Even this berry is "afraid" of the main enemy of hypertensive patients – cholesterol.

Birch leaf. In addition to the fact that birch is an excellent antiseptic, it has a diuretic, choleretic and diaphoretic effect.

Motherwort. It will calm your nerves and slow down your heart rate. It is also an excellent cold prevention tool.

Caseweed. Lowers blood pressure and has a hemostatic effect.

Low Cudweed. Expand the blood vessels and fight against the cold.

Nettle. Increases hemoglobin, analgesics, cleanses the blood . Another advantage of this plant is the prevention of cancer.

Horsetail. Accelerates metabolism, has a disinfecting effect. Regular consumption of infusions of horsetail reduces swelling.

Mint. It is known for its calming effect. But the advantages of Mint do not end there – do not forget about its antispasmodic and analgesic effect.

How to cook?

Pour the herbal collection at the rate of 1-2 tablespoons of tea (pre-crushed) to 250 ml warmed to the "white keys" (the initial stage of boiling) water in a slightly warmed teapot. Important: do not boil the water for brewing, but wait for the stage when "columns" of air bubbles begin to rise from the bottom of the kettle. The container is well capped and kept in a water bath for 10-20 minutes. The process can be greatly simplified if the raw material is brewed in a thermos.

How to drink?

Use 3 times a day for 250 ml. within 2 months.

How to store it?

At room temperature, in a dry and dark place.

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