Anti-cold tisane

Anti-cold tisane

Organic tisane
Form: loose leaf
Year: 2021

Time-tested advice for treating colds by doctors -drink more fluids. The best option is if this liquid is a natural herbal tea with honey and lemon. In this case, the cold will recede much faster, and its symptoms-cough, fever and weakness of the body will be much less pronounced. The effect of the drink is due to the properties of its constituent plants. The recipe for cold tea is simple and has been known for many centuries:


Raspberry - has a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Gently lowers the temperature.

Chamomile flowers - excellent antimicrobial and sedative action, proven for centuries, with a slight analgesic effect.

Wild strawberry leaf - the rich vitamin-mineral and organic composition of the plant makes it indispensable for improving the immune status during acute inflammatory diseases.

Thyme - indicated for relief of breathing and sore throat.

Rosehip is the leader in the content of the main antioxidant vitamin-C. Gives strength to a weakened body.

Marigold flowers - have a devastating effect on a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms.

Oregano - perfectly soothes and relieves tension, improves the function of the respiratory system.

Kuril tea - a mild antiseptic, harmonizes the immune system, helps to remove decay products from the body.

Fireweed- gives strength, sanitizes the mucous membranes, including the throat, and counteracts the spread of pathogenic microflora.

How to drink?

Pour 1 tablespoon of the collection into the custard container and pour a glass of hot, but not boiling water, cover with a towel or tea warmer and insist for 15-20 minutes. Ideally, use a thermos. Drink in a warm form in small SIPS with symptoms of colds, flu, SARS. We recommend using honey, lemon and ginger root with this tea.

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